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Embargo Herbicide 5L

Quick Overview

Embargo Herbicide (5L)
Embargo Herbicide is a pre-emergent product that is used as an effective tool to help control annual weeds. Embargo is a member of the Dinitroaniline (DNA) family of herbicides. Embargo inhibits cell division and therefore stopping growth. After application, roots are relatively few in number and cannot effectively absorb the water and nutrients required for plant development. Embargo does not translocate through the roots into the stem and leaves.

Turf Compatibility
The herbicide can be used on the following lawn types:
-Common Couch
-Hybrid Couch
-QLD Blue

Weeds Controlled
Embargo can be used to eradicate the following weeds:
-Annual Ryegrass
-Barnyard grass
-Crowsfoot grass
-Parramatta grass

5L (50mL/100m2)

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