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Tribute Herbicide 1L

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Tribute Herbicide 1L
Tribute can be used to remove undesirable grasses such as wintergrass, ryegrass and crowsfootgrass in actively growing couchgrass, any time the weeds are present. Weed control is faster at higher temperatures. If using Tribute as a transition aid, applications are made in Spring.

Tribute contains the active ingredient foramsulfuron (Group B). The product selectively removes unwanted cool-season grasses from warm-season grasses.Speed of removal depends on air temperature. Warmer temperatures lead to faster removal. At temperatures of 21ºC and higher, removal of undesirable cool-season grasses can take place in one week or less. If temperatures are 15ºC, or lower, removal could take two to three weeks or longer. Turf managers are best advised to use Tribute as a transition aid when warm-season grasses are strongly coming out of dormancy. On the other hand, to remove volunteer Ryegrass – or Clumpy Rye – apply whenever the desirable grass is actively growing. It is not advisable to use Tribute during cold periods in winter. Two or more applications of Tribute 7 to 14 days apart may be needed to control some grasses

One of the most effective postemergence herbicide available to control cool season grasses and Crowsfoot Grass in Couchgrass
A new suphonylurea turf herbicide
Offers the greatest turfgrass tolerance compared to alternatives
Can be used with Destiny and
Spearhead for broad spectrum
weed control

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