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Pac-Down Plant Growth Regulator -Commercial Strength (1L)

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Pac-Down Plant Growth Regulator -Commercial Strength (1L)
This PGR is used for the suppression of "Winter Grass" and for the growth control of container grown ornaments.

Container Grown Ornaments
Pac-Down is a systemic growth regulator that reduces internode lengths of new shoots and causes earlier formation of terminal buds and controls plant height in a range of ornamental plants.
Use of PacDown should begin only when trees are nearing their optimum size. If atree is under stress, Pac-Down should NOT be used.

Pac-Down is a suspension concentrate formulation for spray application under dilution with water. Apply to dry or wet turf and water in immediately with 4-6 mm of sprinkler irrigation.
The degree of Poa annua control will be influenced by application rate as well as the turf management practices, climate, soil type, grass variety, and Poa annua biotype.
Growth of Poa annua will be reduced 1-2 weeks after application.


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