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Auxinone Plant Growth Regulator [Commercial Strength Auxins] (10L)

Quick Overview

Auxinone Plant Growth Regulator [Commercial Strength Auxins] (10L)
Auxinone is a biostimulant containing a blend of Auxins that promote growth in plants. Auxinone incorporates 2 of the most common Auxins found in plants - Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) to encourage cell development and Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) for improved root growth. Auxinone also incorporates Thiamine (commonly known as Vitamin B1) to further enhance root development.

The role of Auxins on your turf
• Stimulates cell elongation, enhancing plant growth
• Stimulates differentiation of phloem and xylem
• Stimulates root initiation on stems, cuttings and assist in lateral root development
• Reduces negative growth effects when plants are exposed to low light intensities
• Delays leaf senescence (ageing)
• Promotes flowering in ornamentals plants, particularly bromeliads
• Stimulates growth of flower parts in ornamental plants.

Benefits of using Auxinone
Key Reasons why Auxinone will work for you:
• Economical for use both as a regular monthly maintenance bio-stimulant
option or for broadacre turf establishment
• Strengthens your fertility program, maximises root development and
uptake of applied nutrients
• Excellent tank mix flexibility. Can be used in conjunction with a wide
variety of plant nutrition, wetting agent and plant protection products
• Excellent liquid option as a rooting compound for cuttings in plant
propagation. Proven to significantly enhance root initiation and plant
• Unlike many other Biostimulants, Auxinone is registered with the APVMA,
ensuring consistency in manufactured product and peace of mind that the
product will do the job it is claimed to do
• Developed and manufactured in Australia

Active Constituent: 0.075 g/L NAA, 0.075 g/L IAA

10 L/Ha